Features of kitchen lighting in a modern style

Modern kitchen lighting should make the room functional, useful, harmonious, and ensure the creation of a comfortable environment. Learn more about kitchen lighting options below.

Modern style lighting in a small kitchen
When choosing a chandelier for lighting a small room, consider the following recommendations:
  1. In a small room, you should not use complex lighting devices with a pretentious appearance. It is better to choose concise compact lamps. They do not attract much attention, do not lead to a visual overload of the kitchen, and go well with any interiors.
  2. The luminaire should have small, but not small dimensions. A small chandelier with small details will only emphasize the already small size of the room. The main thing is to keep the proportions.
  3. It is best to choose fixtures without suspension, attached directly to the ceiling. The smaller the distance between the ceiling and the plafonds, the less height is lost. When choosing modern lighting for a stretch ceiling kitchen, be careful when choosing a lighting device and lamps for it. Standard incandescent bulbs can cause yellowing.
  4. To smooth the effect of a low ceiling, you can use a chandelier, the shades of which emit light not to the bottom, but to the top. Such a chandelier will visually raise the ceiling, creating an unusual play of chiaroscuro.
  5. A flattened lamp in the form of a plate or a rectangular box is not suitable for the kitchen. This is due to the dimness of the light flux.
Lighting in a modern style with a stretch ceiling
When choosing lighting devices for a kitchen with a stretch ceiling, remember the recommendations:
  1. Consider the placement of lighting devices before installing a stretch ceiling. They are mounted on the base floor, and adding a light source can be difficult.
  2. The power of built-in lighting devices for PVC ceilings should not exceed 35 watts. For fabric coverings, the maximum allowable power is 50 watts. Cloths from the film can burn out, deform when exposed to high temperatures. This is the reason for the limitations of the power of the bulbs, the orientation of the shades.
  3. Glossy ceilings provide reflection of light rays, increasing their number by 2 times. Dark surfaces need enhanced lighting with modern fixtures.
When choosing a lighting device for the kitchen of an apartment, consider the interior design, the area of ​​the kitchen. It is necessary that the lamps correspond to the situation, be made of the same material and do not differ in shade.

The chandelier is placed exactly in the middle of the ceiling. If the room is large, the chandelier placement point can be shifted. It all depends on which area for lighting you have chosen, and the design of the ceiling. The larger the kitchen, the more light bulbs will be needed for the chandelier. You can illuminate the kitchen in the form of a rectangle with an elongated chandelier.

Knowing how to choose lighting for the kitchen, you can create a comfortable working environment in the room. With lamps, cooking will take much less time, and eating will be comfortable. Keep your budget in mind when choosing lighting fixtures for your kitchen.

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