How to choose a candelabrum?

Wall lamps are used in rooms for various purposes - in the living room, kitchen, nursery, study, bedroom. Moreover, they are almost always used as additional or specialized illumination of any part of the room.

“As additional light sources, they help to zone the room, create a calm atmosphere thanks to the dimmed light. And functionally they will be useful for reading, work, cosmetic procedures, etc."

Be that as it may, you should choose according to such criteria as:

  • style (color, materials, shape)
  • power, number of lamps
  • colour temperature
  • dimensions

We select the style

Try to match the lighting to the existing or planned interior style. Pretentious forms with rich decor, textiles, crystal will support the classic interior. Austere and laconic, with chrome-plated metal - modern minimalistic. With forging, bronze, wood will be an excellent choice for traditional style or country.

Choose by power

A candelabrum is a "local lighting fixture", and therefore it is necessary to try to limit the maximum power of one light bulb in it - 150 watts. You can choose lower power bulbs based on your own requirements and the tasks facing the luminaire. Lower brightness, if the candelabrum will complement the main chandelier or lamp, higher brightness - to illuminate a specific area.
But we must not forget about the number of lamps. After all, 2 bulbs of 150 W each will give an excessively bright, blinding light.

Colour temperature

The modern lighting market offers customers many types of lamps. Each type of light bulb has a different color temperature range. Their choice depends on what kind of atmosphere you want to create with the help of light.
For the dining room, kitchen, study, sources with a neutral or cold shade of light are more suitable. It is given by energy-saving and LED lamps.
For living spaces, the warm light of incandescent lamps, halogen and the same LED, will be optimal.


It may seem that the choice of candelabrums in terms of size is insignificant. In fact, it is often the size of the model that determines how appropriate it will be. Therefore, it is recommended to check before buying how much space in the room will be occupied by a device of a particular size. It is especially important to pay attention to how far the plafonds or lamp arms will recede from the walls, whether they will become an obstacle to free movement.


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