How to choose spots?

Before proceeding with the choice, it is necessary to clearly understand for what purpose these lighting devices will be used in the interior. "Point" of light are what create spots as lighting devices, so they should only be used for spot lighting of a small area. In this case, often one structure consists of two, three or more lamps, the direction of illumination of which can be changed.

“The most important design feature of the spots is the revolute architecture. Thanks to this architecture, you can change the direction of light, focusing lighting on certain areas of the room, decor, furniture."


The type of attachment is distinguished:
  • waybills
  • built-in
By design:
  • hard
  • on tires (strings). String spots are an excellent solution for extended spaces. In addition, they are indispensable in cases where you may need to change the focus of the light from time to time
By type of bulbs:
  • halogen
  • LED
  • incandescent lamps
By design:
  • classic
  • modern
  • ethnic

The choice of the type of attachment and the design of the spots depends only on your desire, but the design depends on what style you have chosen for the interior or other lighting fixtures inside the room. The design of the spots should repeat the colors, materials, shapes that are already used in the interior.

How to choose spots for different tasks

Spots are best used indoors, which are separated by several zones. In living rooms, with their help, areas of communication and relaxation are distinguished. For example, light is focused on a coffee table, armchairs.
For bedrooms, such lamps are often used instead of sconces or table lamps on bedside tables. Installed at the head of the bed, they create conditions for comfortable reading or communication before bed. In addition, the cosmetic table is illuminated with light.
The spots in the children's room can highlight the play area, and in the kitchen, the dining area. Regardless of the room, these lamps are convenient for illuminating individual decor items, paintings, figurines.

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