How to choose bathroom lighting

In this article, the experts of our online store will share with you some of the secrets of choosing a bathroom lamps. With their help, you can select lighting quickly and accurately.


The first thing that all buyers traditionally pay attention to is the design of lighting devices.

So, the first thing that all buyers traditionally pay attention to is the design of illuminating devices. It should be selected according to the overall style of your bathroom. For example, for modern minimalism, lamps of simple understandable shapes, with geometric ornaments and cold shades, are suitable. On the contrary, in a classic bathroom, they buy models with rich decor, complex shapes, and ornaments.


It is important to remember that the bathroom is one of the few areas in the house where the brightness of the light should be maximum. This is due to the fact that cosmetic and hygiene procedures are traditionally performed here, which require bright, even lighting, and often there are no windows with natural light.
In our online store, the description of each model contains information about its power. However, it should be remembered that such numbers indicate the power of incandescent lamps, and for LED or halogen bulbs, they may vary.
But calculating the brightness you want is pretty straightforward. It is believed that 20 W per square meter are optimal (with a ceiling height of up to 3 meters). Therefore, having a bathroom, for example, the size of 9 "squares", just multiply this figure by 20, and choose the model.

IP value

The third thing you need to know when choosing a bathroom luminaire is the degree of protection of the device shell (IP value). This indicator demonstrates how well the body of the lighting fixture is protected from water ingress. This is indicated by the second digit of the IP value. For example, IP44 means that the luminaire is protected from any splashes, and IP68 allows it to work even under water.


It is necessary to know when choosing a luminaire for a bathroom - the degree of protection of the device shell (IP value).

Sometimes buyers choose a bathroom lamp from models that are not intended for this use. But even if the device you like is suitable for a humid room in terms of IP value, you should also take a closer look at the materials. We recommend that you refrain from buying appliances that use wood, textiles, or rice paper. In high humidity conditions, these materials will quickly deteriorate.

These are the basic rules.

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